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    It can be summed up in one word - regeneration. It is no longer enough to aim for sustainable agriculture, we must restore the grasslands of the world and the power of grazing animals mimicking their wild ancestors is indispensable if we are to achieve this.


    Grassfed Beef

    Our cattle herd is the driving force behind our regenerative approach to farming. We treat them as a single 'mowing–munching–scuffling–trampling–dunging' tool to recycle carbon and invigorate the biology of the soil. They graze an area at high density for a single day before moving on, giving the pasture time to recover and then boom. Much as vast herds in the presence of predators have since grass first began to grow.

    This pulsing strategy is tremendously powerful in stimulating biological activity in the soil and all life which depends upon it. Regenerated soil leads to healthy grasslands, which supports microbes, insects, birds and mammals. 

    Grasslands and grazing animals evolved together, and when this is understood and respected the benefits to both are immeasurable. 


    Pastured Pork

    Our pigs live their lives on pasture, never confined, free to forage and root amongst the eucalypt trees as instinct dictates. Every week they are moved to a new area giving them constant access to fresh grass and undisturbed soil. This not only means healthier and happier pigs, it embraces our commitment to regenerating the landscape.

    Every gardener knows you cannot plant a seed without disturbing the soil, and anyone who has watched them in action knows no gardener can ever hope to match a pig.